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I’ve spent the last few days (actually started over the Christmas break) to create a widget for my android app. It is easy to get it started but I want mine to update every second or so; depending on user configuration. My last effort resulted in a binding error while I tried to push a bitmap down to widget. !!!FAILED BINDER TRANSACTION!!! I’m still looking for a solution so if you know of one; please leave a comment!

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  1. It apparently has something to do with the amount of memory you try to push to the remoteviews. It is very limiting. I read somewhere that must not reuse the RemoteView item but create a new instance of the class each cycle. And maybe try to use the application context instead of the local context. Hope this helps

  2. Thanks. That worked. I created a new RemoteView each update of my widget and it stopped freezing up on me.

    Now to investigate Live Wallpapers.

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