Finally got GTK+ working in NetBeans 6.5 (Python EA)

I easily managed get this to work on Windows XP but when I installed it on Windows Vista the python debugger ( JPyDbg ) wouldn’t find gtk. From within NetBeans I created a project which simply did the following;

import sys
print sys.path
import gtk

The import wouldn’t work and sys.path showed that the ‘gtk’ libs were not in the PYTHONPATH.  I have no idea why NetBeans hasn’t picked up the correct path since PYTHONPATH does have ‘gtk’ libs in it when running Python from the command line.

The solution?  From the NetBeans menus select “Tools->Python Platforms”.  Then from the dialogue box that pops up select “Python 2.5.4” or similar and “Python Path”.  Add the missing path which in my case was “c:\Python25\Lib\site-packages\gtk-2.0”

Dialogue box for PythonPath

Dialogue box for PythonPath

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