Complete reinstall!

My main hard drive was making funny noises for the past couple of months and it finally started to crash the computer while trying to read some sectors.  I keep regular backups so this isn’t so much of a problem.  I’ve installed a new hard drive (a full half terrabyte replacing a tenth of a terrabyte previously).

The only problem now is that I’ve had to install Windows 7 again, Avast anti-virus & Chrome, Thunderbird & Lightning, Firefox, Steam (obviously), StarcraftII (obviously), Java JDK, Eclipse IDE, Android SDK, TortoiseSVN, TortoiseHG, Microsoft Office, Printer driver, etc. etc. etc.  I won’t go on!  But I did reward myself by playing through the whole of Portal again in under 2 hours.  In comparison to Portal 2, I thought it was a lot slower than I remember.  The moving platforms were annoying after the wonderful light-bridges of Portal 2. The dialogue was still on the button, but knowing the jokes and story twists wasn’t so good the second time around.


Early Learning Programming

Some visual scripting languages I want to investigate for early learning..

  3. – can’t try this but will look at it

I think what I’ll do is write a simple game (sliding block puzzle or towers of hanoi) in each of the systems and see which I think is easiest…   I think the problems that kids should be solving should be ‘scientific’ or ‘mathematicaI’ or programm’y.

But that’s my opinion – the kids just want to get from zero to Grand Theft Auto or Halo in 2 easy steps! But I can only see so many pre-animated guys or gals with guns running and shooting badly in some 3D scripting world.

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