Optixino Computer

I’ve got a bunch of electronic bits and pieces that I bought to build a robot or some kind of electronic toy.  One of these things is Electronic Optix which I got from eBay because it has 21 buttons with 21 LEDs.  I ought to be able to take it apart and reprogram it to play a lot of different games.  All I need to interface onto it is an Arduino circuit (or ATMEL microprocessor).  I might even repackage it so that the button layout makes more sense!

The Optixino computer should be

  • programmable from a PC (through USB to arduino)
  • programmable from Optixino (which means using the buttons to program it in some coloured-light based language)
  • extensible so lights on / off can drive motors, relays and it should have other inputs from other switchs (say bumpers).
  • the lights should be in a clear grid and not a dodgy array.
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