Reinstall Linpus Lite…Success Install Ubuntu Remix..Fail..then Success

I’ve been happy with my Acer Aspire One and Linpus Lite for the last 6 weeks or so; apart from the failure to get VPN to work.  But I want to do more with it; so I decided to repartion and install Ubuntu NetBook Remix.

But before doing the repartition I made a backup of my setup then reinstalled Linpus Lite from a recovery USB.  I made this with instruction from macles* .  I updated the system and installed Firefox 3 for no reason other than it ‘needs’ to be done.

I then downloaded the Ubuntu Netbook Remix image from Ubuntu; wrote it to a USB using ‘dd’ and rebooted.  This part failed spectacularly because of “ERROR 17”.  I don’t know what the error was but the machine halted and then when I turned it off and on again, it wouldn’t even boot to the BIOS!  The power button failed to work and I had to take the battery off to turn it off.  Luckily the BIOS can be reflashed from a USB stick so I did this using some instructions again from macles*.  This worked very quickly.

Once my machine was up and running again I installed the image to the USB stick using UNETBOOTIN instead.  It has a couple of dependencies, namely;

sudo yum install mtools p7zip-plugins

UNetBootIn wrote the ‘Floppy’ img to the mounted USB and a reboot actually worked and booted the Ubuntu Installer.  I should point out that I used a different USB stick formatted to FAT32.  I think the other stick that failed was formatted for the old Linpus Recovery that I’d just done before I used ‘dd’ so that might have been the problem.


Best Python IDE … found :)

I’ve looked around at a few IDE’s for Python and I think I’ve settled on one.  Initially I considered Eclipse but I’ve now decided that NetBeans 6.5.1 is a much better solution for Linux (or Windows) Python development.

Installing it was easy.  I downloaded the C/C++ version of the IDE (since I didn’t plan to do any Java based stuff).  It is just over 20Mb at the NetBeans website.  Note: I did C/C++ then Python but you can simply download the IDE with Python from the Python EA (Easy Access) page.

In Thunar (on the Linpus) right-click on the Netbeans ‘.sh’ file, select properties and then permissions and chose to ‘allow file to run as a program’. Double click on the file to run it and the installation process begins.  Just click ‘Next’ in most cases.

After installing it; use the right-click menu (assuming you have it active) to run the IDE from the development area.  Once started, mine started to upgrade some modules for CVS, and so on (which is okay).  After the obligatory restart of the IDE, I simply used the Plugins menu in Tools to add Python support.  This is a Beta state module.

All is well? Unfortunately not; I tried to create a new project and this hung the IDE part way through creating files.  I tried NetBeans 6.5 Python EA on Windows Vista also and this worked a little better.  However, it wouldn’t pick up the gtk module in the debugger, even though IDLE did.  So still some problems but maybe you will have better luck.

Update: I did a fress install of the Netbeans Python EA after installing Python, GTK, Cairo & GObject and this appears to work in the debugger.

Nevertheless, there is a really useful tutorial on the NetBeans site.

I’ve also stumbled upon this amazing selection of programming tutorials!  In particular using Python development in NetBeans.   Replace ‘import glib’ in these tutorials with ‘import gobject’ throughout these tutorials.

Another alternative is the ActivePython IDE

Pyglet 1.1.3 crashes Linpus Lite

I thought I’d try out Pyglet on my Linpus Lite.  I have python 2.5.1 installed.  When I ran the tests in “tests/” it hung the computer on the 2nd test (draw two windows; one yellow, one purple)

The first time, it took 2 reboots to get Linpus working again.

I tried it a second time, just to be sure and it took 5 reboots to get Linpus working again but it had lost a lot of its settings.

Basically; I don’t think I’ll be running pyglet on Linpus again for a while!

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