Graphic Adventure Games

What would I love to be doing now instead of making video games about petting animals?

I’d love to make a cool story driven adventure game.  I’ve finished Heavy Rain a few weeks ago and loved it although there is still so much room for improvement.  I love Monkey Island.  I love Resident Evil series because they were basically adventures with a bit of shooting.  With that in mind I love Uncharted.  I really like Bioshock but too much RPG does put me off since I like to be in and out of a story.  I’d love to play Fallout3 and Oblivion but I couldn’t invest the time.

A history of graphic adventure games

I got Little Big Planet 2 for my son (and myself) the other day and it is really good for creating new games on.  I should sit with him and create an adventure.   That should be easy enough!  (Famous last words!)

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