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Gosh: 3 posts in the same day.  I must be getting ready for a new project.


Graphic Adventure Games

What would I love to be doing now instead of making video games about petting animals?

I’d love to make a cool story driven adventure game.  I’ve finished Heavy Rain a few weeks ago and loved it although there is still so much room for improvement.  I love Monkey Island.  I love Resident Evil series because they were basically adventures with a bit of shooting.  With that in mind I love Uncharted.  I really like Bioshock but too much RPG does put me off since I like to be in and out of a story.  I’d love to play Fallout3 and Oblivion but I couldn’t invest the time.

A history of graphic adventure games

I got Little Big Planet 2 for my son (and myself) the other day and it is really good for creating new games on.  I should sit with him and create an adventure.   That should be easy enough!  (Famous last words!)

robot game c++

I looked at the stats for my blog today.  It turns out that the only search that has found this site was one for “robot game c++”.  It intrigued me and I discovered that I’m second from top in Google for that search.  I wonder what the person who used this term was looking for.

If you have any thoughts about what I should program regarding “Robot Game C++” then leave a comment.  I’ll do my best to fullfil your need!

Skillsets Websites

One of the links on Skillset for making games while at school points to Immersive Education which looks good for getting the really youthful into games dev.

And computer clubs for girls

There is a load of info on this website but I’ve yet to read it thoroughly.

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