Talking Head

An obvious project for robot building is the talking head.  I can see a very small commercial market for this should I be able to make it.

Basically I require a head that can open and close its mouth and tilt its head around to ‘apparently’ be looking.  Anything else is a bonus; such as eyes the move/blink and an arm or other appendage.

The main part is to have an MP3 player that can be programmed to play speech as necessary and then have the mouth and head move in time to the noises coming out of the MP3 player.

My plan is to have:

  • Arduino/Atmel microprocessor
  • USB drive/SD card for MP3 and motor control data (in sync with each other)
  • 3+ servos (for mouth and head movement, etc.)
  • Speaker & simple amplifier for audio
  • MP3 circuit (VMUSIC2 or MOD-MP3)
  • Remote control – to start and stop the conversation

I’ve got all (SD & MOD-MP3) except for the head and the servo motors.

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