My Drum Robot

One of the most interesting robots around is the Yellow Drum Machine.  I couldn’t come up with anything better so I thought I’d have a got at recreating one (but not as cute!)

I have;

  • 2 wheel motors
  • a base from the ESCAPE robot
  • 2 other DC motors for drum sticks
  • a microphone
  • 3 x IR transmitters and 1 IR receiver
  • arduino/atmel microprocessor

The idea is to use the IRs to detect surroundings and know there is something to drum on.  The microphone wouldn’t record the drum sound and play it back like Y.D.M.  I wanted the microphone so it would have some kind of ears.  If possible it would be nice to have it mimic beats that it hears while it isn’t playing.

Again, use Arduino as the microprocessor core.

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