Christmas, New Year and the i-Sobot

I’ve had a throat infection over Christmas.  I didn’t do as much robotting or programming as I’d hoped I would.

My mother-in-law bought me 123 robotics projects for the evil genius for Christmas and it is a good book of general hints and tips.  It sadly doesn’t have any “follow these step by step instructions” to make a giant robot but each individual project will lead you to better knowledge.  It also has some really good introductions to programming with PIC Basic.

I managed to fiddle with my Arduino so more and wire up a wheely robot with an IR proximity detector.  Unfortunately I didn’t complete it.  The final wiring between the Arduino and the hardware kept coming apart and I managed to set my arduino IDE up to program the wrong hardware and that took me about an hour to spot.  I need to get back to it soon.

Because of this little set back I browsed the web and spotted Amazon selling the i-Sobot for half price (£100).  So I bought one a few days ago and it arrived yesterday.  It is really good for it’s size and does a lot of things that have kept me amused for a couple of hours.  It isn’t possible to hack it easily but I think I’ll try to wire up an IR transmitter to the same frequency as the i-Sobot so I can send it commands from a PC or from a programmable remote.  Programming the i-Sobot remote is a bit fiddly and it is easy to loose what you’ve programmed.

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