Flappy Wormy

For the BackSpace workshop, I’ve created another worksheet which is slightly easier (I think) than the Gem Gem worksheet. It simply reuses the Wormy game, to produce a Flappy Bird style game in python.

Here is a link to the worksheet.


Gem Gem Saga

I’m giving a workshop at the Royal Leamington Spa Backspace event on Sunday 26th October. So that the attendees have something to try out I’ve created a worksheet which will turn Al Sweigart’s Gem Gem game into the much more exciting Gem Gem Saga !

Here is a link to that worksheet if you’d like to give it a go.

Drop me a comment if you find any mistakes with the worksheet and I’ll correct them.

Raspberry Pi and me



Received my Raspberry Pi on Friday; thanks Myra.  Tried Fedora on it (too many bugs) and then Debian (but I had the Feb version, Doh!).  The February version didn’t have all the software I needed so this morning I’m getting just released April version.  Wooo..



SantaNav uploaded.

Just uploaded my first Android app. My neighbour’s daughter couldn’t put it down.





Designed by me, suggested features by my sons.  Free artwork and music from the web and programming in Java by me.

Will I ever blog here properly again.

Yes I will blog here again, particularly when I talk about Android Dev, Game Project Dev, and programming of video games and robots.  But for the time being; check out my latest #AltDevBlogADay posting.


Computing in the UK – it is more exciting than ever

After reading Eric Schmidt’s criticism of computing education in the UK, there is now a wave of enthusiasm to remind people that the UK is a exciting place to learn how the technology of our present really works.

Here are a few links which you need to read if you too are interesting in UK Computer (video games and robots!)

Google’s Eric Schmidt criticises education in the UK

I haven’t posted for a while.  I’ve been busy on a new project but I thought this article too important to avoid posting.


 Schmidt said the country that invented the computer was “throwing away your great computer heritage” by failing to teach programming in schools. “I was flabbergasted to learn that today computer science isn’t even taught as standard in UK schools,” he said. “Your IT curriculum focuses on teaching how to use software, but gives no insight into how it’s made.”

Here is the full lecture:


His comments about education are about 43 minutes into it.

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