Jobs, old and new

I’ve not posted on here for almost a year. Lots has happened in the year. During my time at Blitz Games Studios I worked on Paper Titans for the iOS, which launched in May. Did okay for a few days! After that I worked on the tablet version of Ace of Spades for Jagex and that was pretty much ready to launch. However, Blitz Games Studios closed its doors after 20+ years and we were all (175) made redundant.

A lot of us managed to find work within a few weeks, and a lot are still looking. From the sound of it, staying in the industry and staying in Leamington has been difficult but I’d say 75-ish are still working close to Leamington. Many have had to move to Leeds, Newcastle, Cambridge, London, but many are working in neighbouring towns such as Warwick, Banbury, Coventry, and some as far as Oxford and Birmingham.

I was torn between technical management and technical development (programming) but I decided to focus on management from here on. Luckily I have managed to find a brilliant role with an old boss of mine, David Darling, in his mobile dev. company; Kwalee. There is plenty for me to do and I have made a big impact on the teams there. The feedback I’m getting is very positive and several iOS & Android games will be launching soon.

That’s it..

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