Bye Bye Virginmedia, Hello B.T.

I’ve switched from Virginmedia to B.T.   Who knows if this will be a good thing or a bad thing but it is one thing, … a Thing!

Anyway, I now have a wireless hub from B.T. and my original Belkin wireless router.  So, last night I decided to wire my Belkin router to the Hub and switch it to be an Access Point.  This means I can have WEP on the Belkin (for my son’s DSi) and leave the BT unchanged.

It was quite easy in the end but there is one caveat.  Basically the default static IP for the Belkin router is  That is, when you select “Use as Access Point” on the router it will show you this as the default IP before you save the settings.  If you leave this setting you won’t be able to access the router again later (without a factory reset) because the B.T. is set to use for it’s network addresses.  The best advice I can give is to do what I did in the end (after two factory resets) and set it to

So all my devices that were using the Belkin still work without change and I have a BT hub with BTFon/Openzone and thus Wifi internet almost everywhere in any city in the UK.   Plus, one additional benefit that I can select ANY land-line telephone from Argos and know that it will work on the telephone line.  Virginmedia telephone lines are not compatible will all telephones and there answering service is limited to 3 rings (unless you pay each month for more!).  We were always running for the phone before the answering service kicked it and couldn’t get a answerphone because NOT ALL PHONES ARE COMPATIBLE.

PLUS PLUS, B.T.s latest offer means I pay nothing for the next 3 months and the overall monthly charge is a lot less (mainly ‘cos I dropped the TV element of the package).

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