Next Android Project

Looks like I’ve just found what I need for my next android project.  Hopefully the source in these two projects will provide me with what I need.


I’ll get back to my broken Android widget after playing with these.


A couple of notes about the Moonblink code.  I loaded it up on Eclipse in Ubuntu Linux and it wouldn’t compile the TouchTest app that I’d chosen to look at.  It appears that the HermitAndroid source path was included twice.  Once for a link path named “HermitAndroid” and another for a link path named “HermitAndroid_src”.  The second of these appears to be automatically added.  Simply removing the “_src” version didn’t work as it always gets added again.  I removed the first “HermitAndroid” link, which meant it didn’t conflict with the automatic “_src” path.  All was well.

Until: I took my findings to Windows 7.  I tried the same on a Windows 7 PC and “HermitLibrary” wouldn’t compile.  This is due to there being Unicode greek characters in the source for use with some mathematical equations. This will be due to the workspace encoding being set to something other than UTF-8. Mine was set to Cp1252.  To change it you need to select “Windows->Preferences->General / Workspaces”.  In here you will see “Text file encoding” set to something other than UTF-8.  Change it to UTF-8 and all is well (after a few clean builds or closing Eclipse).  NOTE: I’m using Helios SR1 version of Eclipse.


The second of these problems (UTF-8) is marked in the Moonblink source usage notes but the first had got me rattled so I missed it.  The first problem (_src) is explained on the Android developer website:

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