Today’s gaming news

Well I’ve had a good few links today:


Paul Curzon‘s name has come up again as someone that is doing excellent work at teaching computer science to schools.  He runs the computer science for fun website which is an attractive starting point for anyone wanting to learn about computers.  There must be more education for computer science in the UK if we are going to continue with our very profitible games and visual effects industry.


I read about the HackSpace foundation today. If you need to build something and don’t have the facilities maybe this can help.  I will have to keep an eye on this for my Arduino projects.  Only a few more weeks to the MakerFaire 2011 in Newcastle.


A warning about making your revenue making games open source.  I suppose, just make sure that you make it ABSOLUTELY CLEAR that open source, doesn’t mean free for anyone to make money off.





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