Snow Leopard Pt 3

So, here I am writing this from my Acer Aspire Laptop using Safari on Mac OS 10.6. The wireless doesn’t work but I’ve hooked the netbook up to my ethernet.

The installation took roughly 1h 30m from my slow USB and then failed because it couldn’t set the Startup Disc. I just restarted and used Chameleon on the USB to startup the HD and that worked. I followed the instructions for making the netbook boot without the USB and this is working fine.

Too late to play now but I will continue tomorrow and also order a replacement wifi card.

All in all; 8.15pm to 12.30am to install 1GB RAM, reformat my hard drive, install Mac OS X and fixup for my acer; while reading documents, watching David Cameron take over at No.10 and then watching comedy on Dave for a bit.

UPDATE: also installed a DW1390 wireless network card (£9.99 delivered from eBay) to replace the standard Acer Aspire One card.  Works better than trying to find a dodgy software solution.

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