Mac OS X (that’s 10) on the Acer Aspire One

Mac OS X Snow Leopard Box

I’m going to try out Mac OS X (The world’s most advanced OS) on my Acer Aspire One (A150). I’ve been trying to get hold of a DVD with the OS for a few weeks but now I have it. Over the weekend I followed these steps to make a USB stick. This took about an hour to create the image and then transfer that image to the USB. It took about 5-10 minutes to put Chameleon onto it along with the other files from

After inserting the USB I rediscovered that my Acer only has 512Mb RAM. Mac OS X requires 1Gb minimum.

So, I’ve got some more memory today and that will be installed tonight and I’ll try again.  Installing memory to an Acer Aspire One is not trivial unfortunately.

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