Acer Aspire One memory upgrade and Snow Leopard pt 2.

The memory upgrade was actually simple. Scary but simple. Basically remove all the screws, disconnect a couple of ribbon cables. Slide out the mother board, insert RAM, put it all together again and job done. I had all the screwdrivers I needed and a bit of plasticine rest my screws on!

The harder task was (still is) installing the OS. It hasn’t finished yet so I’m writing this while waiting. Booting Snow Leopard from my USB drive took about 4 minutes, then I had to completely reformat my hard drive (I was hoping to keep some old partitions) so that it could use a GUID partition scheme. I set it up with 4 partitions for future expansion, one MacHD, one Windows, one Linux and one Linux Swap. The last three were all MS-DOS formatted but it won’t matter in the long run.

Then I clicked on install and I’m still waiting. It has said 29 minutes remaining for just over an hour now. It is copying stuff because I can watch the log messages but I think the USB drive is really, ‘really’, slow. It has gone down to 18 minutes in the last 10 minutes or so.

While reading up on the installation, I’ve realised my Acer Aspire One doesn’t have a compatible WiFi card. There appears to be 2 options. Firstly, replace the wi-fi card with a Broadcom Mini PCI-E card (BCM4311KFBG) used in Dell DW1390. This isn’t too hard since I now know how the innards of the machine are organised. Second, install KisMac which is normally for discovering wifi access (sniffing) but it has drivers for the Athelon WiFi card.  Other options include rebranding the Athelon card to think it is an Apple card but these are getting much riskier options.

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