Sharp MZ-80K

IMAG0024, originally uploaded by Leamington Spa Hagues.

This is the one computer that I played with back in 1982 but I have never played with since. I’d fancy getting hold of one but only for a weekend to reminisce about. This was one I saw at the Swindon Museum of Computing.

And here is the slideshow of some old UK computers.


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  1. Oh goodness – we had one of those! Then we moved up to a BBC.
    My son (who is now a Chartered Accountant) learned his time tables playing games on the BBC. We got the games discs from one of the London education authorities, it could have been ILEA. (Can’t remember when that was broken up).
    I didn’t know there was a Museum of Computing in Swindon – must be interesting (at least for saddos like me.)

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