HTC Desire on T-Mobile

I’ve been very excited recently about buying a new mobile phone. An android smartphone, no less! The best phone available (almost) today is the HTC Desire from T-Mobile.

But which plan should I go for.  Obviously the plan that offers you a FREE phone isn’t going to be cheap but the phone is FREE!  Their website suggests £35 a month tied in for 24 months is the one I want.  It gives me 500 texts and 1200 minutes of talk time each month.  That’s 20 hours a month and more texts than I think I’ve ever sent!

As you can see I don’t use my phone that much and if I get free internet, then I could probably cope with £10 a month tied in for 24 months.  The phone isn’t FREE but now costs £164.  This gives me 100 minutes and 100 texts.  I might keep within that limit.

So over 24 months I’d pay either £840 or £404.  The phone (from Amazon) costs about £440 SIM-free so the £10 plan looks great for me. I don’t make that many calls anyway.

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