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Thought I’d have a look at Android SDK.  This is a Java based SDK so it’ll be new ground for me.  I’ll be using Eclipse to do the development to save me time.

Firstly I looked on the Android website which has a quick start guide and also this lengthier version.  Basically it says download and install the following (I’m using Windows Vista for this as this is my fastest PC):

  1. Java JDK (6 update 18 when I’m writing this)
    • simply double click the executable to install like any other application
    • takes a good 5+ minutes
  2. Eclipse IDE for Java Development (3.5 – SR2 at the moment)
    • just copy to c:\ or someone else you like
    • took me a couple of minutes to copy
  3. Android SDK (r 05)
    • unzip the file
    • Set your PATH to include the Android SDK’s path. In my case “C:\android-sdk-windows”
  4. Run Eclipse (c:\eclipse\eclipse.exe) and install ADT and tie it to the SDK
    • See the ADT information on how to install the ADT (this takes ages to sort out dependencies and then finally install) using Help > Install New Software …
    • Use Window > Preferences, then Android to set the SDK Location. In my case was “C:\android-sdk-windows”
    • Select WindowAndroid SDK and AVD Manager
  5. Now you can add Android Platform and other components
    • I don’t have an Android device so I could have left the USB driver but I installed Platform & Documentation for Android 2.1 API7 R1 and the USB Driver package r3.  I did not install the Google APIs.
    • wait another age for stuff to download
    • create a virtual device ready for the hello world tutorial

Now to get Hello World to run.

I got the HelloAndroid app set up (using the example above). If you have the welcome page in Eclipse you can click on the X to close it.  It took a little while to boot the emulator up (4 minutes or so) the first time.  Second time still took a minute or so to get it running.  Finally, when the emulator was up, it took a matter of seconds to connect to the virtual device and then run and even debug the test app.


In my travels I came across another site via the Eclipse website that gives the same instruction as the Android Dev website but adds a little more to how he got started.  See Android Development with Eclipse

And rest…..


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  1. the latest NDK brings OpenGL ES 2.0

    Thanks God, there’s no more reason for using Java now…

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