I just remembered all about  I played with it a few years ago and was impressed then.  The open movies that have been made using it are great.  I remember it have a game dev. engine built into it too with Python.  Since I’m working on using Python for teaching programming, I wonder if I should suggest using Blender and Python as a ‘neato’ way to make game demos?
Hmm.. More investigation needed.


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  1. Hi Andrew

    I teach 2 courses – AI where I use Python and a 3D Virtual Dnvironments/Serious Game course course using Blender. Students definitely benefit from learning both to create demos, and blender allows you to fall back on the “logic brick” approach for those who do not know python.

    check out my video tutorials on youtube.

  2. Also, the new version of Blender with a re-written interface is in Alpha. One of the obstacles I remember from Blender was its interface.

  3. The Blender Game Engine has made leaps and bounds since the old 2.49 days – it has become much faster, and as andrewhague said, the interface is much more game-development friendly. Checking it out would be a good idea.

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