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Spoke with the Children’s University this morning about the possibilty of introducing a new module for getting children interested in computer programming.  Some ideas for sneaking computer programming into a module that is engaging are:

  • Flying’s for Droids (Programming robots & electronics)
  • Singing Stars (Programmed response to audio input)
  • Make a tune (Music Programming) – maybe something could be made of the PSP Beaterator
  • The colour of magic (Programming visual effects)
  • Adventures in Narnia! (Games programming)
  • The Mathemagical Adventure (Maths that can be programming / how the calculator works)
  • What goes up hopefully comes down! (Simulation of Newton’s laws of motion)
  • How to win at Poker (only kidding!) (Simulation of statistics & probabilities)

All of this probably already exists and I recently read a feature by Matthew C. Applegate regarding why computer programming has been completely neglegted for many years.


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  1. Andrew, I’d be really interested in hearing more about this and how your ideas develop for this. CAS are actively looking into the same area and are beginning to build a network of hubs for teachers who are keen to get more computing into schools. Some of these sound excellent.

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