PS3 Slim (and DNS Errors)

I’ve been so busy at work that I’ve not posted in a long time.  It looks like it is all over (or very nearly) so I decided to finally upgrade to the next generation (current generation) of games consoles.  PS3 slim was my choice at £250.  There is the XBOX360 of course but this has so many reports of RED RINGS of DEATH that I decided to avoid it.  It also has that massive ugly power supply!  The PS3 will also play Blu-Ray discs which brings my movie watching up to the 21st century too.

I bought Resident Evil 5 to play on it but for days I’ve been unable to download the patch (1.03).  It just gives me DNS errors.  I also had other networking problems but the patch download was the most annoying.

After some hunting on the web I found a good solution for the PS3 download problem.

Basically the routers in our homes sometimes give the wrong or badly formed DNS addresses to the PS3.  By manually setting this, the PS3 performs better.  A public DNS can be found at and you simply give that number to the PS3.

In order to set up your PS3 to use the server, you must go through the Internet Connection Settings again:
Settings > Network Settings > Internet Connection Settings

Select Yes, then Custom

Choose your connection method – Wired or Wireless
If you’re Wired, select Auto-Detect for the Ethernet Operation Mode
If you’re Wireless, select the security type that your router is using and enter your Wireless Password
IP Address Settings – Automatic and then Do Not Set (DHCP host name)

DNS Settings – Manual and enter the numbers below

Primary DNS
Secondary DNS

MTU – Automatic
Proxy Server – Do Not Use
UPnP – Enable

Then press X to save the settings, and then X again to test the connection. The ‘Internet Connection’ should now pass, and hopefully there will be no more DNS errors!


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  1. yes this solucion is very comment on the internet.
    But I still have the error 80710102
    Do you need a router to get the PS3 online ?…or can you just plug the data cable directly from you moden to the PS3?

    • I don’t really have any more help. I’m pretty sure that the PS3 wireless receiver is poor. If you having a lot of problems downloading you should look at getting a wired connection or using a USB drive to get updates from the web via a PC. See

  2. hello please help me out a little more i tried it and its not working…SO FAR though =D

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