Reinstall Linpus Lite…Success Install Ubuntu Remix..Fail..then Success

I’ve been happy with my Acer Aspire One and Linpus Lite for the last 6 weeks or so; apart from the failure to get VPN to work.  But I want to do more with it; so I decided to repartion and install Ubuntu NetBook Remix.

But before doing the repartition I made a backup of my setup then reinstalled Linpus Lite from a recovery USB.  I made this with instruction from macles* .  I updated the system and installed Firefox 3 for no reason other than it ‘needs’ to be done.

I then downloaded the Ubuntu Netbook Remix image from Ubuntu; wrote it to a USB using ‘dd’ and rebooted.  This part failed spectacularly because of “ERROR 17”.  I don’t know what the error was but the machine halted and then when I turned it off and on again, it wouldn’t even boot to the BIOS!  The power button failed to work and I had to take the battery off to turn it off.  Luckily the BIOS can be reflashed from a USB stick so I did this using some instructions again from macles*.  This worked very quickly.

Once my machine was up and running again I installed the image to the USB stick using UNETBOOTIN instead.  It has a couple of dependencies, namely;

sudo yum install mtools p7zip-plugins

UNetBootIn wrote the ‘Floppy’ img to the mounted USB and a reboot actually worked and booted the Ubuntu Installer.  I should point out that I used a different USB stick formatted to FAT32.  I think the other stick that failed was formatted for the old Linpus Recovery that I’d just done before I used ‘dd’ so that might have been the problem.

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