Does your Acer Aspire One shut down after 30 minutes?

My Acer Aspire One kept turning off while I was downloading stuff because I’d leave it for a long time.  It took exactly 30 minutes to turn off with no activity (i.e. I wasn’t touching keys or the mouse).  It looked in the obvious place; Power Centre on the Settings page.

Opening up this showed lots of interesting options but nothing obvious for this problem of shutting down.  But, a-ha, there is something.  It took me several days to spot it, but the option is on an unusual tab on the Power Centre (KPowersave Settings).  At the bottom of the Display Power Management options on the Using AC Power tab is the word ‘Autosuspend’. It didn’t think anything of this, but this is actually a tab, which if you click on it, will bring up more options.  These were the options I was looking for.  Maybe it is in the manual but, who reads the manual when there is a lot of cool gadgetry in front of you?

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