Virtualbox installation

I clicked on the Fedora 8 rpm on the virtualbox webside and it did some installation for me but that hasn’t worked as I need to have a kernel module installed.

The things according to the ‘yum.log’ it installed were;

Apr 07 01:33:41 Installed: redhat-rpm-config – 9.0.1-1.fc8.noarch
Apr 07 01:33:43 Installed: qt4 – 4.3.2-1.fc8.i386
Apr 07 01:33:49 Installed: qt4-x11 – 4.3.2-1.fc8.i386
Apr 07 01:34:05 Installed: VirtualBox – 2.1.4_42893_fedora8-1.i386

Macles* talks about how to get the virtual box installed.  I’ll post my steps later.

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