I tried out the motors that I pulled out of the printer.  I still haven’t got the little one out but I feel it will be the same as the other 2-pin motor I got out.  It turns out that only one of the 3 motors is a stepper.  The other two are standard DC motors.  They are probably quite powerful and have a very quick response time.  Since they drove the head belt and the paper feed, they had sensors which could measure the amount of movement.  I wouldn’t be using these sensors.  The third motor is a stepper.  It has 5 wires, the middle one (pin 3) is the common and the other 4 can be used to turn the motor.  I passed 9V through pins 1,2,4,5 in sequence with GND on 3 and it turned one direction.  I passed 9V through 5,4,2,1 and it turned the other direction.

For use in a robot I need to get hold of a stepper driver IC and an H-Bridge IC (or several) to save pins on the microprocessor.  I’ll probably get a 555 chip to send a good pulse to the IR receiver and a servo driver IC too.

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