Final robot-1 design

I’ve struggled with ideas for a robot design but I think I’ve got one now.  I got some foam-board at the weekend from HobbyCraft but not used it yet.  I’m going to build a basic 2 wheeled robot using the normal DC motors for the wheels; I still need some wheels but I might get something from the printers I’ve got.

I plan to use the Servo motor for the neck joint to tip a head piece forward and back.  I will use one of the stepper motors to turn the head, potentially all the way around if necessary.  The head will be mounted with the IR detector so that it can ‘see’ obstructions.

The head will unbalance the robot’s centre of gravity and the robot doesn’t have any purpose other than to wander around so I’m a bit stuck with what to do with it.  But I’ll build it and see what comes to mind!

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