Stepper Motors in Printers

I got hold of a couple of old HP printers and I’ve just started ripping them apart to get out the 3 motors.  I’m assuming that they are all stepper motors.  Two of them have 2 wire inputs; these were used for moving the head left and right and for pulling the paper through.  The third motor has a 5 wire input and this appears to be used to bring the cleaning unit to the heads of the printer cartridges.  I’ve not seen 2 wire steppers before but a quick google found some useful information about steppers (including a 2 wire setup).

Looking at the information (and from some reading of books!), it looks like I’ll need a Darlington transistor array like the ULN2003 or ULN2004 to drive the steppers.  It also looks like they are all unipolar so I won’t need an H-Bridge like I would with bipolar steppers.

I need an even smaller Torx head now to get the last motor out.  Size T10 for most of the screws but these must be size T5 !

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